SEO Basics

Some Reasons Why People and Companies Fail At SEO

If you succeed at SEO the rewards are massive, more leads, more sales, more business.
But, its not happening for everyone and often the reasons are simple…Here are just simple 11 reasons people fail at SEO

✔️ Using outdated SEO Strategies – Google updates its Algorithms for organic search, what works in 2015 will not necessarily work in 2021

✔️ Your Keywords DO NOT Get Enough Search Volume – Are people searching for the keywords that you looking for…don’t guess, check the search volume. Here are some FREE keyword tools that will help…

✔️ Meta-Descriptions, Tags and Titles not done or are duplicated…Ok, it’s a basic but a lot of people do ignore this or forget BUT you need to do it.

✔️ Your Website User Experience is POOR…user experience is a massive factor NOW for SEO and if you don’t have a website that is easy for a user to navigate user and engage the information…your ranking will suffer.

✔️ Search Intent NOT Considered…Is your content satisfying what the user is looking for BECAUSE if not…Google isn’t going to rank it, well not highly.

✔️ Website has poor loading time…Yes, this is a ranking factor and you want your website to load as fast as possible so it helps the user experience…use this tool to check your website speed…

✔️ Poor Hosting…ok, this is a but general but you need your hosting working as good as can can be for loading times and other issues…Try cloud hosting if you do have problems with your host but speak to your Developer first.

✔️ 404 Errors…Bit basic but have you been deleting pages on your website and Google can no longer find them…if so redirect those deleted pages to a relevant page on your website.

✔️ Don’t Invest…You don’t have to go to an SEO Agency or SEO Consultant if you don’t have a the capital BUT you do have to invest time as SEO is a time consuming job.

✔️ Rubbish Backlinks…Have you been buying irrelevant backlinks for £10 or $15? Just don’t…it is not going to help apart from drive your spam score up and Domain Authority down. Instead focus on building healthy relevant backlinks organically via decent content.

✔️ You Give Up…ok, well then. It’s not happening…Just leave it to your competitors.

Naturally, your website might not be ranking for all sorts of reasons. If you want to do something about speak to a SEO Expert, I would be happy to chat as would a load of other SEO Experts on here…


Matt Davies is the founder of DaviesIS and the Head of SEO

April 26, 2021