The Process We Go Through When Starting a New Client SEO Campaign – A SEO Brief

This is the process we go through when we get an enquiry about working on a client’s website. Firstly we outline key information. This is paramount to how successful an SEO campaign will be. It can be time-consuming, but we are in the results business, and it needs to be done before any SEO takes place.

The good news is, it’s FREE and we call it, the SEO BRIEFING PERIOD…

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Initial enquiry/contact

Every project starts with an enquiry, but even then, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will go any further.


SEO campaigns need to establish what the SEO objective is from the start.

We need to establish what the client wants and what the client wants to achieve before we do anything. Do they want more leads, more sales, or more traffic?

We also need to establish if we are the best fit. We do this because we want to develop long term relationships, and the best way to do that is by getting the right client. Plus, it’s a big market, and there may be other people out there more suited to your needs.

If both parties want to move forward from the initial chat, we move to…

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SEO Audit

This part of the process is time-consuming but necessary. We need to find out what’s going on with the website, what we need to do specifically in the onsite SEO, as well as checking the website’s coding, to the link history.

The websites we see during this period are very varied. Some can be car crashes with 404 errors scattered everywhere, poor web design, or even homemade WordPress websites, and that can be seen even with medium sized corporate organisations. Poor web design will not help your SEO.

We look through everything during this period, including the time scales, so we can develop a schedule for your objectives. The whole campaign could hinge on this audit.

Sometimes it’s straight forward, other times there are a lot of skeletons from the website’s history, such as injected malware to harmful links.

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Reporting Back

Currently, we are in the heart of lockdown in the UK, so we are communicating with each client online via Skype/Zoom. It is easy to have meetings online because I can share my screen and show the data, providing a clear presentation of the results. We can discuss every detail from the audit, so the client knows what work lies ahead and how long it will take to achieve the results they are looking for.

If everyone is happy we move to…

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The SEO Strategy

From the above, we will have a clear strategy of how to proceed because we have….

Outlined the objectives

Audited the website and its history

Reported back the results and should be in agreement on how to proceed

This means we know what we need to do so we construct the SEO strategy both offline and onsite so we can get to too work and follow the path so the client can get results. We do naturally run this through the client so they know what we are going to do and if they agree…

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Agree Terms


Every website, every project, and every organisation is different despite the sector and keywords, which is why we need to tailor the project from the start.

We set the contract and move forward with the campaign once everybody is happy and start the SEO on the client’s website.

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