Google Updates

Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor

New too Google Search Console But Old to SEO

Google consistently updates its Algorithm.  Sometimes it’s a big update and sometimes it’s just a small update.  But, updates are part and parcel of Google.

Google updates always make hearts flutter no matter if you’re the business owner, SEO professional or website owner.  We have been asked in the last few months quite a lot about Core Web Vitals. 

What Are Core Web Vitals?

Core Web vitals are a measurement that are now a ranking factor, as of May 2021, with specific factors that influence user experience such as page speed and user interaction.  It is Google’s way of analysing the page user experience in terms of scoring.  Backlinko has a brilliant blog piece on Core Web Vitals…

Essentially think of Core Web Vitals in Search Console as a guidance on the signals that give user experience.  The better it is, the better for the user, the better for the ranking.

Are You Worried About Core Web Vitals?

If you are…why, because the page speed or website loading spread in general and overall usability of your website has been a ranking factor for years.  

If you want to rank on Google and rank well, you need and have needed these factors for years and core web vitals is a tool that helps measure what’s going on in this area.  So the chances are, if you had slow loading speed combined with poor usability in 2018 you would have been ranking poorly.  The same will apply in 2021.

You will need quick loading speed and good user experience on your website for SEO, that is just a fundamental part of SEO.  That’s not changed with the introduction of Core Web Vitals on your Google Search Console.

If you want to see what Core Web Vitals look like on Google Search Console, you will find it in the area below…

Search Console Core Web Vitals
Core Web Vitals in Google search Console

Fact is this “NEW” ranking factor is a ranking factor that has been around for years, of course take care of Core Web Vitals but you also need…

  • Whole onsite SEO 
  • Quality content
  • Quality backlinks
  • A strong website architecture 
  • Search Intent

If anything Google updates are opportunities, opportunities to improve your ranking.  With Core Web Vitals, its confirmation but do not get hung up on it as you need to take care of all of your SEO and usability, page speed have always been important.

May 17, 2021