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Bespoke SEO with SEO Consultancy Services

Over the years, we have worked with many different clients from a range of sectors, markets and backgrounds.  Instead of the Agency model some clients want a bespoke arrangement when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

Daviesis SEO consulting will give a tailored solution for the client. We can look to increase the clients ranking on the search engines by tailoring the service specifically to the objectives of the client and the sector via our SEO consultancy services.

So, we do offer a SEO Consultancy model as well as a done for you SEO with many clients actually preferring this route.

This model is a good route for those with an in-house digital marketing team or a client who wants to do the SEO themselves but need help and direction.

Get the Results with Daviesis SEO Consultancy Service

Our SEO consultancy services is a good alternative to the full service SEO model for those who need direction with SEO. The SEO consultancy model provides amongst some of the benefits

  1. Full SEO Strategy Full SEO Strategy
  2. Full and Technical SEO Audit Full and Technical SEO Audit
  3. SEO Meetings – Weekly or Monthly SEO Meetings – Weekly or Monthly (Client Decides)
  4. Onsite SEO implementation Onsite SEO implementation
  5. Backlink Building Advice Backlink Building Advice
  6. Content Development Advice Content Development Advice
We Still Do The HARD Work With the SEO Consultancy Model

It’s not too different from the SEO Agency model at the beginning, as we do the Audit or SEO Briefing Period as I like to call it and then move to the client on boarding. The client on boarding is where we gather all your information such as Google Analytics so we can analyse what is going on and what we need to do and how your website is reacting.

We keep in mind how you are moving in the SERPS and how your website is reacting putting into place a dynamic strategy for you to follow as we move forward.

We also put into a play meetings where we book you in either for an hour once a week, month and can go through what is happening and outline what you need to do, to reach the objectives set out. As mentioned this often a preferred method to work for clients and that is the way that want to work bearing in mind that some clients want to do as much as possible.

The difference for the Consultancy set up is that we will customise and bespoke, where as in the SEO Agency model the package is normally set.  The SEO Consultancy model allows us to purely advise if needed.


SEO Consultancy UK based


It is also a more cost effective model than the SEO Agency route.

We Can Communicate Purely Online If You Wish

We advise directly on this through online tools to Skype, Zoom and monitoring the campaign and analysing the campaign via a SEO consultant. We Advise and set out an SEO strategy for you to follow…


Some of Our Many SEO Results at Daviesis


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  • HR Recruitment 1000 Volume Search Page 1
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Daviesis based in the UK but serves clients throughout the world from London to San Francisco. Over the years we have often served clients predominately online in terms of meetings and reporting. The Covid19 pandemic has naturally moved us completely online and this is how we going to continue moving into the future so no matter where you are, we can help.


To put it simply, we can customise a package under the consultancy model to fit what you are trying to achieve.


If you want to have a chat with a SEO consultant about an SEO campaign and we would be delighted to oblige.


An SEO Agency is all-good and fine but sometimes it is not what a client is looking for. Sometimes they may just want an SEO freelancer (that would not be us) to work a day week in the office (pre-Covid 19 days) or they may want some on going support from a SEO Consultant, not a complete done for you job.


If you are trying to avoid the SEO Agencies and instead want to speak to SEO Consultants, please get in touch.


We are here to help, Digital Marketing doe not need to be hard and neither does SEO with our SEO team.

We cover all aspects of SEO and operate as a full service SEO Digital Agency. If you would like to get more information on how we operate please take a look at our SEO Briefing section.


Before we start any campaign for any client we go through a period of extensive research of the clients website, ranking, backlinks and history on the search engines. Commonly known as a SEO Audit, it allows us to get to grips with what is needed to attain the clients goals and objectives.


In general with Digital Marketing it is always important for the client to understand exactly what they need and want before translating this to the Consultant or Agency. Consequently this will allow the SEO provider to attain these goals via the campaign.
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