Short Case Study in SEO For Education and Digital Marketing for Private Schools

The first sector we ever worked in and the first business we had as a client was in the private education sector, this was Macclesfield Tutorial College in October 2012 and they are still a client today, being December 2020 of writing.

Macclesfield Tutorial College is a private tutorial college offering full time courses in GCSEs and A-Levels but they also have a private examination centre as well. From an SEO perspective this was a competitive market not too easy and not too tough as the brief was a national brief in terms of, they wanted to attract students and customers nationwide. When we started they didn’t rank anywhere but within a year they were ranking nationally and attracting students not just from the UK but also from around Europe and even one student from an island in the pacific, Vanuatu.

SEO for Private Schools
SEO for private schools by Daviesis

SEO For Education Sector

Like many of our clients, Macclesfield Tutorial College, wanted leads and business from the work that we did and do. Although back in 2012 we were giving them advice on how to do things such as Social Media and Digital Marketing in general it was SEO which we were focused on and the way that they would generate leads in a long term sustainable way.

The way that we grew the website…content.  We built and coordinated pages for terms such as…

  • Tutorial College
  • GCSE Practicals
  • Independent Colleges

…but in short, we built this client’s SEO through data…finding out what the prospective client was looking for on Google everyday and making sure we were right in front of them answering the questions.  

  • The website grew through content
  • The backlinks were made organically from content

In short their ranking went up and their leads organically went up.

Private Schools, Universities, Private Tutorial Colleges, Independent Colleges have massive advantages with SEO and Digital Marketing.  They always have something to say and they are educators with their clients looking for answers online, this gives them the opportunity to get in front of people with quality content

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