Facts and Questions on DaviesIs SEO Agency

SEO Agency FAQ

What Is SEO?

We are asked this quite a lot from potential clients, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Optimization if you are from across the Atlantic.  SEO is improving your websites exposure and visibility in the Search Engines organically for keywords and phrases and making your website compliant with the search engines.

What type of projects do you do SEO on?

Varies, we work across sectors, we focus on 2 factors..

  1. The client, there objectives, what do they want and what are they looking for, we call this the SEO Briefing Period
  2. The project and market, will the clients get those results

Will a SEO Agency improve your SEO?

Yes, it depends which one and on the fit.  Naturally, we will say we are best, however there a lot of good SEO Agencies out there and all across the world.  If you have any doubts if an SEO Agency will improve your ranking please ask Google

How long does a project take?

The importance of the SEO Briefing Period should not be ignored.  We can establish the goals then the length of time to acheive this based on the website, the content and the audit.  We can get results in 2 months to 6 months, a strategy needs to be placed.

What do you bill?

We bill around mid-market range and affordable for those who have a budget and want to get long term, last results.

How long has DaviesIs been in business?

We have been in business since the end of 2012 and focused almost solely on SEO now.  DaviesIs was started and founded by UK SEO expert Matthew Davies.

Do you offer White Label Services?

No in short, we do work with some PR Agencies but no longer do White Label SEO.  However, if your looking for this service, get in contact and we can point you in the right direction as we do have good relationships with other Digital Marketing Agencies, Advertising Agencies and indeed SEO Agencies.

Do You Come with References?

Yes and it is a good idea to get in contact as it will give you an insight into how we work.  Feel free to contact our case study clients or follow up on testimonials.



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