Babycare SEO Casestudy

SEO for babysocks?

A short SEO case study on how we ranked and improved the sales of Ecommerce website in the babycare sector

We don’t normally focus on Ecommerce SEO, there is no reason for this but our business has grown predominately from doing client SEO in other sectors.

However in 2019 we did take on an Ecommerce client, in July 2019.

The company in question sold Baby Socks and predominately relied on spending in Social Media via Facebook to sell their products. After being approached to doing the work, with the client wanting to get more sales from organic search, we did the audit and saw the opportunities.

In 12 MONTHS, 1st of September 2019 to 31st of August 2020, we improved the organic sales from the clients website by 118%…

Baby socks kws SEO
SEO for baby socks website

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The route we took for doing this was by…

  • Analysing the data of the websites past…via analytics and other avenues
  • Improving the content so it answers the users search questions in Google in the niche that the client is in…this tied into the onsite SEO
  • Improving the user experience on the website
  • Making the content more geared to the shopper, the content doesn’t just answer the search engines query
  • Implementing sales funnels on the website
  • Working on the conversion rate by implementation of tools such as Google Tag

The results…

More page 1’s, the website started ranking on national term on page 1 for terms such as

  • Baby Sock………………5400 search volume
  • Socks for babies…….5400 search volume
  • Sock for babies……..5400 search volume

Apart from the retailer all of a sudden competing with national names such as John Lewis in the search rankings they got…

More traffic and more sales

This website may well have been ecommerce but the principles are the same, making the website operational for SEO, get the content relevant, getting it shared and getting the customers questions answered.

Some of our E-commerce Page 1s

  • Socks for Babies google result
  • Babies sock google result
  • Socks for Babies google result