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Implementing G4 Google Analytics

Some of you might have heard over the last few weeks that Google is changing the way we use Google Analytics with the introduction of G4 Analytics.

G4 Analytics is a different tool in many ways then the soon to be phased out Google Universal Analytics, which many of you will be more accustomed to using.   G4 Analytics will of course report the traffic to your website and allow you to monitor where the traffic has come from.

The big difference between G4 Analytics and Google UA, the former analyses events in much more detail.  So, those of you who engage in a content marketing strategy and paid Social Media campaigns for example, could have a lot more from it, then the old UA analytics.

G4 Analytics also gives you much more scope for creating your own reports and funnels.  So, again, this allows more flexibility in translating data.

The final date that Universal Analytics is processing is July the 1st 2023.   Which gives us more than enough time to transition those of you who are not on G4 already.

We will be reaching out to you to transition over the next few weeks for those of you who need G4 setting up, we will also do the transition, so you have the ecommerce settings set up as well or other data needed to monitor your performance.

Feel free to contact me directly on my email [email protected] if you want to arrange a chat and book in to get the transition done in April to G4.

I will also add, we will be offering another form of monitoring the traffic with what I regard as a better interface then G4.  This will be free of cost for clients and we are only offering this to clients.

Matt Davies is the founder of DaviesIS and the Head of SEO

March 15, 2023