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Use Your Website to Generate leads from SEO

Given the amount of competition in the online business sector, companies face a lack of sales conversions and quality organic traffic. How many times in a day do you search online to find some information? The same thing your potential customers are doing when they are trying to find solutions to their problems. Fortunately, SEO provides you with ways you can significantly increase the number of generated new leads.

SEO stands short for search engine optimization and is among the most important terms in digital marketing. It is defined as a practice of gaining free traffic from search results to your website which can help in boosting your online visibility. There are lots of SEO strategies but it is essential to choose those with the maximum effect and successful results.

Upgrade your website content

Not so long-ago optimizing content was centered around one specific keyword with high search volume. But search engines nowadays ask far off – context became the number one driver for the better rankings. Create your website in a way it looks professional both aesthetically and structurally.

Keyword research will bring the eyes of search engines on you and give your business the chance to showcase products or services to the potential customers in the pool of other brands who are competing for the same market share. Having the right keywords by your side means targeting the right audience – people who will purchase your products or services.
Do not underestimate the power of long-tail keywords because they are a secret ingredient of creating unique and valuable content for your website visitors. They are key phrases that are more related to your product or service and have higher conversion value because as they are close to a point of purchasing things, people tend to go more into details.
Make sure your site is responsive on all devices and that it brings consistent experience no matter where your clients are reaching your site.

Start using link building

To simply put, link building is an SEO method of getting other sites to link with your website which consequentially leads to improving your site’s authority. SEO professionals and experts use backlinking as a way of drive referral traffic – they are signalizing to the world your site owns the content relevant to the readers and therefore search engines awards you with a higher ranking.

Content creation: create captivating, unique, and interesting content other sites will doubtlessly want to reference and back up. Sharp your sales abilities and start promoting your content by telling others about your business, resourceful pages on your website, and what you can accomplish.
Friendly linking: ask your friends and people whom you know are in the same or similar business to reference your site. If you link your site to the one in the same business, it will trigger the response from the search engines your site has more values to the readers, leading to earning higher ranking.
Reviews: it is tricky and difficult but work on the self-promotion on the sites and online platforms of successful professionals you respect and care, and whose lifestyle or work will benefit your business not only by growing your audience but also by labeling you as a professional and notable source of information and high-quality products or services.

Start blogging

… because it places your website as a relevant response to the people’s search queries. By being aware of what your target audience is using search engines for, you can create content that will anticipate your potential clients’ needs, providing them with solutions and answers, right there on your site. Blogging facilitates your overall website performance, keeping your website fresh and updated. High-quality blogs and posts will keep people on your site longer, decreasing the bounce rate in your web traffic.

Aside from backlinking, it gives you an opportunity for easier linking within your website. Successful business owners know that one of the smartest SEO strategies that will generate more leads is to describe Google what the page you are linking is about by using the anchor text. Last but not least, it gives you a chance to connect to your clients which will lead to more shares, comments, and spreading the word about your products and services.

Start doing more of this

Get listed locally in online directories. If you are operating locally, put your business right in front of your clients by creating profiles with important information about your business on Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places,, UK Small Business Directory, and others.
Ask for the reviews and comments. By using customer testimonials, you will more likely to generate more leads as around 85% of people trust online reviews, and almost all of them go online and check recommendations before making a purchase.
Use relevant keywords in the crucial places in the blog: title tag, headers, body, URL, and meta description. It will give the readers better insight in your blog’s post content.
Optimize your images with image alt text. Logically, as search engines cannot read an image, they can only base their ‘’opinion’’ on text related to the image. They also make for a better user journey as they display in the situations an image cannot be found.
URL structure helps your visitors in better understanding the content on your site by using categorization and easing the process of accessing new pages on your site.

Stop doing this

Not using analytics. Because you will miss the feeling of what converts and what not. When you set up a conversion for keywords, you get the comparison of which ones produce better results.
Focusing on link quality. Business owners tend to link their site to dozens of usually bad quality sites believing quantity will do the right instead of focusing to get that one link from a popular site crucial to their business.
Avoid using experts because they are expensive. There’s a lot of information online that you can find about doing SEO in the right way. If you are up to it, there is no better way than feeling you accomplished something by yourself. However, avoiding asking for help from SEO professionals because you think they are expensive will lead to making mistakes that can hurt your business is in the long run. Contact the company with all the skills, expertise, and SEO tricks that will place your business on the winning journey.

Matt Davies is the founder of DaviesIS and the Head of SEO

May 25, 2020