Doing SEO in Macclesfield since 2012

We started the business in 2012 in the market town of Macclesfield in Cheshire. It was a simple decision in being located in Macclesfield, the founder Matt Davies was born and lived in the town at the time.Initially the business was run from Matt’s kitchen and then moved to an office location in the town. Daviesis went to London in 2014, we maintained a Macclesfield presence and more importantly we were and still are doing SEO for clients in Macclesfield.

Macclesfield is not just any location to us, it’s where we were born as a business and where we got our first clients. If you want to book an SEO Assessment feel free to do so here

If you’re based in Macclesfield or anywhere else for that matter and want to discuss a possible SEO project please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help and we will initially give free advice. In short we can certainly propose a way forward for you and a clear path that will help your efforts.

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    We Still Have Macclesfield Clients

    Our very first client is from Macclesfield and they are still our client today but so is Cheshire Curtains & Interiors another Macclesfield based business. Macclesfield continues to be an important part of our business to this very day. We still get enquiries in the town and we still service business with SEO in the town as we do with other clients around the UK.

    Some of our SEO Results

    • Private Tutorial College page 1
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    SEO Agency Macclesfield

    We still have a presence in Macclesfield and more to the point in Cheshire and we are still based in Cheshire. Pre-pandemic we would meet clients in Cheshire and Macclesfield, it might be a bit harder nowadays but the power of Zoom and the hope of better days keeps the communication. We will continue to have a Macclesfield presence as it is where we started the business, the hometown of our founder Matt Davies and something we are proud of.

    SEO Macclesfield Was What We Did At The Start

    Our first clients all came from Macclesfield and our website was constantly “under construction” so Matt Davies would get the clients by literally knocking on the door of the businesses. Our very first client was in the education sector, Macclesfield Tutorial College in fact we still do SEO for that client to this very day.

    Other people we worked with were a kitchen company and interior design company until we finally spread our wings and managed to get clients nationally.