If you have a Digital Marketing Agency, SEO Agency, Creative Agency or a business in the Advertising and Communications Sector, we would be happy to hear from you…

….as we are looking to buy and expand.

We are looking to buy and invest in the Digital Marketing and Advertising sector despite BREXIT, despite Covid19 because we believe in the market and believe fervently in the Digital Marketing area and quite frankly, we love what we do.

We want to work with and invest in other Agencies as the sector grows over time.

DaviesIs has been in business since 2012.

We have seen the highs and the lows of the industry. How events outside the market place can have a massive effect on business and the industry in general. We have seen how the pound against the dollar drop rapidly in 2016 after the Brexit referendum and how that affected the cost of buying overseas and horrors of covid19 upon Agencies across the country.

This is a growing industry that will look entirely different in 30 years time. It will slowly become better regulated, even more respected as the years pass, as the work we do only benefits the sales and profit of our clients. The internet destroyed much of the growth of the old Agencies and over time, the Digital Advertising and Marketing Agencies will take there spot.

We not looking to Asset Strip nor are we looking to get rid of owners of current Agencies but ideally invest and help them grow. Naturally, the model will depend on the situation but if you would like to discuss selling your Agency to us, we would be happy to chat