Faster, Improved SEO, More Security

Many clients want a faster, more secure and better ranked on Google website.  Getting the loading speed correct with heavy no-access to the data-base Shopify or Squarespace sites can be a challenge.  It can even be a challenge with WordPress.

In mid 2022, we were approached by one of our clients to rebuild their website.   They wanted a quicker site that would help them rank better on Google.   The design they gave us though came with heavy animation.  Not the type of thing that generates quick loading websites.

So, we built a website that was decoupled from the backend – a Headless website that delivered the fast loading speed and at the same time brought a stronger and better performance on the search engines….

Headless Website
A headless website

What is Headless

Headless CMS is a website architecture for software or a website that is decoupled from a backend.

Whereas a traditional website in say WordPress has a front end and back allowing you to control everything in one place or a frontend system such as Laravel has a custom built admin.

A Headless website is as it says is headless, no traditional front end nor a heavy backend.

On a Headless website, the content arrives via an API which can be gathered via Webflow, WordPress or Shopify etc. This allows the interface to manage the content from RESTful or GraphQL API.

In effect Headless websites are much lighter to load (no traditional front or backend), which does bring SEO benefits and is more secure.

It could also be added that Headless websites give you more design control as you do not have the same issues that you have with traditional sites in terms of coding. What I will add, for websites that have low functionality, such as your competitors and dRisk itself, Headless is a very good choice.

Just some of the benefits of Headless

  • Faster website – There is less to load as the architecture is decoupled and the content is coming from an API
  • More coding options for future development
  • Better security
  • It will allow you to focus on your content rather then your website development
  • Better for content distribution away from your website…API
  • It’s better for SEO due to loading speed and content first approach
  • Its decoupled – so if you were to have a problem with a CMS when creating content,
  • your website will not be affected or go down…the content is via an API
  • Headless is shown to be cheaper to maintain long term
  • Headless is evergreen as the software will never need updating or go out of date
  • but WordPress does, Shopify does, SquareSpace does.
  • Headless equals speed
  • It’s an API – You’re controlling the design if you wish via the content. Cuts Design cost

Headless are lighter and in our give better website architecture, they certainly index quicker and in our experience rank faster and better on Google.

Of course when it comes to SEO they are not the ultimate answer as search intent, technical SEO and offsite SEO with content are kings of the realm of Google…but Headless really helps.